ISSUE 09 // Sam Landreth


In a city bursting with creativity and excitement, it’s only fitting that to photographer and fashion blogger Sam Landreth, Portland is home. To live the life you’ve always dreamed, it takes work. As for Sam, she’s got a piece of advice.  “Don’t let fear hold you back; you have to take risks and live uncomfortably for a little while to get where you want to be.”


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ISSUE 09 // Kimberly Espinel – The Little Plantation


Photo by: Aimee Twigger

Seeing someone pursuing their talents in a wonderful and tasteful (no pun intended) way is always so inspiring and is something so valuable and admirable. Kimberly Espinel, a woman of many hats, does just that. With her passion clear to see, she spends her time doing what she loves, staying incredibly busy – in a good way!


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ISSUE 09 // Andrew Kearns


Andrew is an extremely talented photographer & vlogger on YouTube and is constantly traveling for his work. We were lucky to take a few minutes of his time while traveling to interview him for issue 09.


“The thing I love most about YouTube and vlogging is being able to document and share my life experiences and travels with others. I love the fact that I’m able to look back at all these times too and relive those experiences. I’d say the most challenging thing would definitely be documenting and sharing my life because it’s also a lot of hard work once the filming is done.”

– Read more about Andrew and see more photos on page 16 of izzie + sky // issue 09 –



we are so excited to finally share our newest issue of izzie + sky! we’re going to be completely honest… it’s been an extremely stressful few months for the both of us with new job opportunities, but we still put our heart and soul into this magazine.

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Maddie Maney – Photography Feature


“Nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough and National Geographic’s ‘Photo of the Day’ series are what inspired me to pursue environmental biology early on in high school, and ultimately lead me to photography during college. The ability to capture the absolute wonder of our natural world in a single image has never failed to astound me. I hope to instill that same feeling in others when looking at my pictures. Capturing those unique fleeting moments forever is an amazing thing.”


Click to read Maddie’s feature and see more of her nature photography in issue 08.

#TBT – Warped Tour


When I got the confirmation email about me shooting warped tour, being excited was an understatement. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much my twelve year old self didn’t think that this would happen in a million years. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming. When the actual day came along I was extremely nervous but also super excited. I kept thinking of everything that could go wrong like dead batteries, full memory cards, camera technical difficulties… the list was very long but overall it was awesome. Thankfully the worst thing that happened that day was I filled up my memory cards (but luckily not until the last act). The sun was hot and I was ready to take on the day. I was quite familiar with the White River Amphitheatre here in Auburn, Washington so I got used to the flow of the stages fairly quickly. What I love about Warped Tour is that there are so many different bands and types of people, but we are all there for the same reason whether it was to dance, to sing on top of our lungs, to hang out with friends, family, or significant others, no matter what it was we were all there for the love of music. I had such an amazing time spending it with my Dad and soaking up the sun listening to some of our favourite music together. A month later and I am still in shock that I shot some of the bands that I grew up listening too. I stood nearly 2 feet from people I looked up too. Ten years later and I got to cross something major off my bucket list. ’Twas a wonderful day indeed.

Photos and words by: Amanda Harle

Photos: Slightly Stoopid + SOJA

Slightly Stoopid brought the Star Wars themed Return of the Redeye Tour to Philadelphia’s Festival Pier on August 20th. This came complete with life-sized figurines, amps airbrushed with your favorite Star Wars battle scenes and innocuous clouds of purple smoke that probably weren’t from Jedi starfighters being blasted out of the atmosphere. Opening for the band was SOJA, a reggae group based in Arlington, Virginia, who are a powerhouse group in their own rite. They were nominated at the 2014 Grammys for best reggae album, and have landed multiple records on the Billboard charts.

img_7241Opening band SOJA


Slightly Stoopid just wrapped up their 44 city tour on August 28th at the Fillmore in Detroit. They already have a small fall tour booked from November 4-12th starting in Seattle, Washington and ending in Mexico for Closer to the Sun, a destination festival that will also include The Dirty Heads, Matisyahu, Tribal Seeds and Stick Figure. If you find yourself down in Mexico from December 14-18, this is definitely something you won’t want to miss. Find more information about the festival by clicking here.

Photos and words by: Justin Swan



Cover by the talented Vanessa Bowden

Last month we released our seventh issue. SEVENTH? How has the time flown by so quickly? This issue is even bigger than our last and features some of the hottest music festivals of the summer season, not to mention inspiring creatives and other fun content! Learn how to make barefoot sandals for your beach trip or whip up a batch of strawberry lemonade to enjoy on a hot summer day.

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