Maddie Maney – Photography Feature


“Nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough and National Geographic’s ‘Photo of the Day’ series are what inspired me to pursue environmental biology early on in high school, and ultimately lead me to photography during college. The ability to capture the absolute wonder of our natural world in a single image has never failed to astound me. I hope to instill that same feeling in others when looking at my pictures. Capturing those unique fleeting moments forever is an amazing thing.”


Click to read Maddie’s feature and see more of her nature photography in issue 08.


Artist Spotlight: Kristen Wiltshire


Need some Saturday inspiration? Then you have to check out Kristen Wiltshire’s artwork in issue 08. We asked her what inspires her to create and why she chooses to illustrate plants and flowers. You can even buy her work on her Etsy shop!

Read Kristen’s article and view her beautiful artwork in issue 08.