#TBT – Warped Tour


When I got the confirmation email about me shooting warped tour, being excited was an understatement. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much my twelve year old self didn’t think that this would happen in a million years. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming. When the actual day came along I was extremely nervous but also super excited. I kept thinking of everything that could go wrong like dead batteries, full memory cards, camera technical difficulties… the list was very long but overall it was awesome. Thankfully the worst thing that happened that day was I filled up my memory cards (but luckily not until the last act). The sun was hot and I was ready to take on the day. I was quite familiar with the White River Amphitheatre here in Auburn, Washington so I got used to the flow of the stages fairly quickly. What I love about Warped Tour is that there are so many different bands and types of people, but we are all there for the same reason whether it was to dance, to sing on top of our lungs, to hang out with friends, family, or significant others, no matter what it was we were all there for the love of music. I had such an amazing time spending it with my Dad and soaking up the sun listening to some of our favourite music together. A month later and I am still in shock that I shot some of the bands that I grew up listening too. I stood nearly 2 feet from people I looked up too. Ten years later and I got to cross something major off my bucket list. ’Twas a wonderful day indeed.

Photos and words by: Amanda Harle


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