Photos: Party Favor + Valentino


Photos and words by: Justin Swan

After jockeying to find a parking space on Columbus Boulevard I arrived at Soundgarden Hall (SGH), one of Philadelphia’s premiere nightclubs for EDM artists to showcase their talents. I got there ridiculously early at 8PM to scope out the best spots to capture the action. Lasers and strobes were already on as the opener tried to get the twenty early birds to turn up for his set.

I was there to photograph Valentino Khan and Party Favor, two DJs who were wrapping up their tour with one final performance at SGH. Fast forward a few hours to midnight when Valentino replaced up and coming DJ, Subset, at the decks to begin his set while Party Favor waited in the VIP section for his turn. Meanwhile, I was waiting in the wings of the stage for the headliners to start spinning.

The energy during Valentino’s set was unbelievable. As he rocked out in all of his handlebar-mustached glory, he sipped on a bottle of Maker’s Mark to stay hydrated. When Party Favor came up to take over, Valentino stayed on stage while the VIPs slowly funneled in around the DJ booth.

They saved the best part of the night for last. To finish off, Party Favor and Valentino traded songs for the last thirty minutes of the night until 2AM. The two artists exited the stage after thanking the crowd and taking pictures with them, strolling off to either the after party or their flight out of the city. Next stop, Coachella.


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